250+ Fin-tastic Fish Puns: The Complete List

Are you looking for fish puns?

Then you have come to the right plaice, our puns are simply the bass-t.

Below we have created a list of over 250 absolutely fin-credible list of fish puns.

From cheeky and clever one liners to simple plain fish jokes, we have you covered.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s get kracken…

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Angry Whale Pun

Best Fish Puns

  • A good fish pun is good for the sole.
  • I love fish puns, you could even say I’m hooked.
  • You should never trust unlicensed fish puns. You should always check to see if they’re o-fish-al
  • The names Pond. James Pond.
  • There is a time and a plaice for every-fin.
  • Betta stop with the jokes before I krill myself with laughter!
  • I could krill for some fish bites right now.
  • Any fin goes around those parts of the ocean
  • What is the bait that I can come up with more fish puns than you?
  • Caviar is so roe-mantic
  • Roe, roe, roe your boat.
  • Tanks for coming.
  • Most fish will tell you that they their bait just a little worm.
  • Thank cod. I thought he would never stop talking about fish.
  • KELP. I need kelp. Salmon please kelp me.
  • Crab we talk it over?
  • Bass-ic Fish.
  • Good g-reef.
  • Let minnow if you have any suggestions for more fish puns.
  • You are the fin to my yang
  • Quick. Now is your oppur-tuna-ty, cod for it.

Sea Fish Puns

  • Cod only knows why I am so good at these puns.
  • That is turtley cool.
  • Fin-land has the best fish jokes. I sea they are really trying.
  • Anchovy Hopkins
  • To in-fin-ity and beyond.
  • You are shrimpley the best.
  • Hey sister, Shoal sister.
  • This is sardinely a great day for puns.
  • The Codfather.
  • How did I get so good at puns? Well, I have been working on my a-gil-ity.
  • Sardinely sir, I will get onto some more puns right away.
  • Gill Clinton.
  • Abra-cod-abra.
  • Whale we meet again?
  • These fish puns are hilarious and I am not squidding.
  • He is so romantic and I am hooked.
  • Fish love every day of the week barrmundi and fry day.
  • Holy Mackerel.
  • Fish the shoes fits.
  • I would clam every mountain to be by your side.

Betta Fish Pun

  • That is enough fish puns, you need to tuna it down.
  • I just saw two fish get into a fight but I didn’t want to get fin-volved!
  • Caviar been here before?
  • Salmon betta come up with some better fish jokes.
  • Things are about to get fin-teresting.
  • Guppie Goldberg.
  • Cod that was so bad, eely, eely bad.
  • Ooh, water animal you are.
  • Life does not get any Betta than this.
  • Holy carp. I can not believe these puns are so good!
  • Let’s just say a few fish puns for the halibut.
  • I can not wait to trout my new outfit!
  • You should try use a different type of bait. It may just be more e-fish-cient.
  • I have haddock with all of these fish puns!
  • Stop being so shellfish. I want some fish too.
  • We will have to keep this fish in for lob-servation.
  • Good things come to those who bait.

Clownfish Pun

  • That is a load of pollocks.
  • I used to be a fishermen but I didn’t’ make enough net income.
  • You really need to work on your fish jokes. Salmon, had to say it.
  • Will Salmon please help me?
  • I have haddock enough of this plaice.
  • There is some-fin special about you – I just can’t put my fin-ger on it
  • Fishing you the best birthday filled with lots of fin and joy.
  • Marlin, marlin on the wall, who is the greatest of them all?
  • You shouldn’t be so koi about it…
  • Try a little harder with these fish puns next time, hoki?
  • Fish you were here.
  • Water you doing tonight?
  • If you think of more puns, just let minnow.
  • Sea-riously these puns are terrible!
  • I may not always come up with puns, but I sometimes do for the halibut.
  • When you fish upon a star, cod will make your dreams come true.
  • This is the first time I am herring so many fish puns at once.

Shrimp Pun

  • Hey, hey, hey, swimmer down, there’s no need to turn this into a fight. It’s just a fish pun battle.
  • Keepin’ it reel.
  • Cod I please offer you a fish pun or two?
  • We whaley need to think about what we are doing.
  • Is your car turbot charged?
  • These puns are really kraken me up.
  • Call me a pacifishst but I don’t believe in war.
  • Get trout of here.
  • Snapper out of it.
  • License to Krill.
  • This is most sardinely the best fish pun list ever.
  • Daddy’s little fincess.
  • Everyone deserves salmon special.
  • Shh, remember these puns are a sea-cret.
  • You do not want to be my arch nemo-sis – I eat fish like you for lunch.
  • We really need to shellfish if we are going to make a profit today.
  • You are a reel legend.
  • Salmon says come up with fish puns.
  • He should walk the plankton for a bad fish pun like that.

Crab Pun

  • I would not be cod dead saying another fish pun.
  • Extra seannamon please.
  • Salmon call a doctor.
  • This sounds like a great oppor-tuna-ty for a fish pun.
  • I love Nemo – I am his biggest fin.
  • Please clam down.
  • Stay away from him, he seems fishy!
  • Can’t believe you have the tena-sea-ty to keep these puns going.
  • Is your boat turbot charged?
  • I love you more than any other fish in the sea, or any fish in the entire tunaverse.
  • What is the bait that these puns can not go on for much longer?
  • I think you are jawsome.
  • The Rodfather.
  • I have haddock with all of these fish puns.

Octopus Pun

Joke Fish Puns

Cute Fish Puns

Q: Why was the fish at the carnival?
A: She was a fortuna teller!

Q: Why did the fish go on the bachelor?
A: To meet the gill of his dreams.

Q: Where do blow fish work?
A: The balloon factory.

Q: Why did the fisherman go to the casino?
A: To plaice a bait!

Q: Hey, have you heard from Nemo?
A: No, maybe you should throw him a line.

Q: Why do people like caviar?
A: Because they have so-fish-ticated taste.

Q: Why did the fish get sick?
A: It caught salmonella.

Q: Why can’t fisherman make it as boxers?
A: They can only throw hooks.

Q: Have you ever seen a clownfish?
A: Yeah, he was not really all that finny.

Q: Did you hear about the newly wed goldfish?
A: Yes, they are golden and swimming along nicely.

Q: What is a fish’s worse day of the week?
A: Fry day.

Whale Pun

Q: How do mussels take photos?
A: With clam-eras.

Q: Did you know that fishing is harmful to our ecosystem?
A: Please do not gilltrip me.

Q: How come fish are so good at charity work?
A: They are good at fin-draising!

Q: Who is your favorite actor?
A: Leonardio DeCarpio.

Q: Why did the fish want to be an astronaut?
A: So he could go to trouterspace.

Q: What does the fish say to himself every morning before work?
A: Carp-e diem.

Q: Why does this fish taste funny?
A: Because it is clownfish.

Q: Why was the guppy upset?
A: Because of all the fish-cious rumours going around at school.

Q: Why did the fisherman leave his job at Wall Street?
A: Because the stock market took a dive.

Q: Who is your favorite member of the Fish band?
A: The Bass-ist!

Q: Have you tried that new seafood restaurant?
A: Yes, I am hooked.

Trout Pun

Q: Which fish will swim faster?
A: Not sure, why don’t we plaice a bait!

Q: Why was the shark angry about leaving the restaurant early?
A: Because he couldn’t even fin-ish his meal.

Q: Why are most fish single?
A: They have fin-timacy issues.

Q: What is a sharks favorite drink?
A: A caramel moki-atto.

Q: Why do you never see a fish on Facebook?
A: Because they are scared of the net!

Q: Why did the shark go to prison?
A: He was gill-ty.

Q: What did the fish say in his vows?
A: That he will love his wife for a gill-ion years through thick and fin.

Q: Why couldn’t the fish sing?
A: He was tuna-deaf.

Q: Have you tried the Calamari at that new restaurant?
A: Yes, it is ex-squid-sit.

Q: When do fish sign contracts?
A: After they mullet over!

Q: Where do fish come from?
A: Finland!

Q: Why was the shark so angry?
A: Because he forgot to have his morning ca-fin.

Q: Why did the fish file for divorce?
A: Because her husband was shell-fish and was not roe-mantic anymore.

Q: Cod you tell me a fish joke?
A: Sorry, I bass-icaly cod none.

Q: Why did the guppy get bad grades?
A: Because it was below sea level.

Q: What is a fishes favorite TV show?
A: Tuna half men.

Q: What kind of music do fishermen love?
A: Something catchy.

Q: How come fish are so smart?
A: They live in schools!

Q: What makes an octopus laugh?
A: All it takes is ten-tickles.

Q: What do you call a fish without any eyes?
A: A fsh.

Q: Where do shrimp go when they are in desperate need for some cash?
A: The prawn shop.

Q: Do you like fish puns?
A: I heard they are eely eely bad.

Q: How do you tell a fish to settle?
A: You need to tell them to clam down.

Q: What did the fish parents say when their guppy graduated school?
A: Our little gill is growing up.

Q: Why did the fish break up with his girlfriend?
A: He had no fin left to give.

Q: Why did the Mariana Snailfish break up with her boyfriend?
A: Because their relationship had taken a bit of a dive.

Q: What is a fish’s favorite pick up line?
A: Your plaice, or mine?

Q: Why don’t fish like social media?
A: Because of all the trawls.

Q: Why did the fish win the dance competition?
A: Because he was flippin’ fantastic!

Q: What do you call a fish that is an actor?
A: The starfish!

Q: How many gold fish does it take to screw a light bulb?
A: None, they just call the electric eel.

Q: Why was the fish late to work?
A: He forgot his b-reef-case.

Q: Why did the fish get fired from his last job?
A: They were scaling back.


Our list of fish puns is de-fin-itely one for the hooks.

We hope all you fish fin-atics enjoyed these fish puns!

Hopefully you found a favorite pun to use or maybe you have found some inspiration for your own.

After all creating the perfect fish pun is not as hard as it seems. Let us give you a few pointers so that next time you are in a fish pun battle, there is some hope.

Simply find a word then repeat it and listen to what it sounds like.

For example: The word fin.

Sounds like: In

Just put two and two together and you have fish puns like: fin-credible, fin-spiring, and fin-ished.

Give it a go.

Let us know what you come up with in the comments section below…