Swordtail Fish Care Types, Breeding & More Cover
Freshwater Fish

Swordtail Fish Care: Types, Breeding & More

Swordtail Fish are fascinating fish for freshwater aquariums. The Swordtail is a popular type of livebearer that is loved for their colors and community friendliness. They look very similar to the Platy Fish but are identified by their larger size Read More →

Types Of Tetras The Complete A-Z List Cover
Freshwater Fish

Types Of Tetras: The Complete A-Z List

The tiny tetra is proof that big things can come in small packages. These adorable schooling fish are perfect for adding a dash of color and energy to a community tank. Some species are calm and graceful, while others are Read More →

Top 17 Best Nano Fish For Beginners By Size Cover
Freshwater Fish

Top 17 Best Nano Fish For Beginners By Size

Some of the best tank setups are also the smallest! Nano fish come with many different brilliant colors and energetic personalities. Lots of these fish are community-friendly and can live together or even cohabitate with some larger species. Tiny fish Read More →

Honey Gourami Care Sheet and Species Info Cover
Freshwater Fish

Honey Gourami Care Sheet and Species Info

The Honey Gourami is a sunset-colored Gourami with a peaceful personality. If Bettas are not quite your style then this species makes a wonderful alternative. They are not too big and do not have the same aggression that many other Read More →