The 17 Best Types of Plecos For Beginners Cover
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The 17 Best Types of Plecos For Beginners

Plecos are some of the most popular aquarium Catfish. These helpful fish will take care of hard-to-manage algae before it becomes a problem. Although most Catfish are known for their dull appearances, Plecos come in a variety of exciting colors Read More →

Zebra Pleco Size, Price, Tank Mates, Care Cover
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Zebra Pleco Care: Size, Price, Tank Mates…

The Zebra Pleco is a very rare type of Pleco Catfish. Unlike most other Plecos, the Zebra is very small and versatile. They can fit into smaller tank setups that other Pleco Catfish cannot. However, due to their natural habitat, Read More →

21+ Types of Betta Fish A-Z List Of Bettas Cover

21+ Types of Betta Fish: A-Z List Of Bettas

Betta Fish are one of the most popular freshwater fish. Did you know that Bettas can have over 100 different types of tail, brilliant colors, and interesting patterns? These fish come with tails shaped like crowns, card suits, halfmoons, and Read More →

Top 21 Types Of Goldfish For Beginners Cover
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21 Popular Types Of Goldfish (For Beginners)

People first kept Goldfish in Asia in the 18th century. Ever since then, hundreds of interesting varieties have appeared in the hobby. Did you know that there are hundreds of different goldfish types? Most of these varieties were bred with Read More →

Guppy Fish Care Guide & Species Profile Cover
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Guppy Fish Care Guide & Species Profile

The Guppy Fish is one of the tiniest freshwater fish around. This little fish is barely larger than your thumb but you can find them in some of the most spectacular colors! Mixing several different colors and patterns together will Read More →

Top 21 Best Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp Cover

Top 21 Best Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp

There are so many sensational shrimp for your freshwater aquarium. Shrimp may not seem like the most exciting pets but they play a very important role in a freshwater ecosystem. Many species make amazing algae cleaners and others will eat Read More →