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I’m David, a fishkeeping fanatic and the founder of Everything Fishkeeping. My mission is to help over 1,000,000+ people learn how to keep fish. So I created Everything Fishkeeping to become the must read website that every aquarist trusts.

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Freshwater Aquarium Sharks - Cover
Freshwater Fish

Top 15+ Freshwater Aquarium Sharks For All Tanks

Freshwater sharks are fascinating fish to keep in your tank or pond. A single one of these fish can become the star of your aquarium. Freshwater aquarium sharks have torpedo shaped bodies, wide fins, and triangular dorsal fins just like Read More →

Top 17 Best Freshwater Angelfish (With Pictures) Cover
Freshwater Fish

Top 17 Best Freshwater Angelfish (With Pictures)

The Freshwater Angelfish is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish. This South American superstar has been in home aquariums for over 100 years. Since their introduction to the hobby in the early 20th century, fish keepers have managed Read More →

Anubias Nana The Complete Beginner's Care Sheet Cover
Aquarium Plants

Anubias Nana: The Complete Beginner’s Care Sheet

For a beginner the thought of keeping live aquatic plants can be quite daunting. Most have specific care conditions that are required to keep them healthy. Fortunately the Anubias Nana is known to be beginner friendly because of the wide Read More →

Aquarium Plants

The Definitive Marimo Moss Ball Care Guide

Marimo Moss Balls are adorable little green growths. Although they are called Moss Balls, they are actually balls of algae that grow slowly over their long lives in the bottom of lakes and rivers in the northern hemisphere. They are Read More →

Royal Gramma For Beginners (The Complete Care Sheet) Cover
Saltwater Fish

Royal Gramma Care Guide & Species Profile

The Royal Gramma is one of the most famous Basslets of all, and it truly lives up to its name. These fish are best known for their regal purple and yellow appearance. Their beginner-friendliness and striking appearance have made them Read More →

The 17 Best Types of Plecos For Beginners Cover
Freshwater Fish

The 17 Best Types of Plecos For Beginners

Plecos are some of the most popular aquarium Catfish. These helpful fish will take care of hard-to-manage algae before it becomes a problem. Although most Catfish are known for their dull appearances, Plecos come in a variety of exciting colors Read More →

African Cichlid 101 Care Guide, Types, Behavior & More Cover
Freshwater Fish

African Cichlid 101: Care Guide, Types, Behavior & More

Cichlids are very popular freshwater fish and can be found in tropical lakes and rivers in South America, Africa, and India. African Cichlids come from Africa’s 3 great lakes: Malawi, Tanganyika, and Victoria. They are incredibly colorful but are notorious Read More →